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Create your property listings with us today and earn additional income. We offer various features such as Calendar Sync management, Guest Communication Management, pricing management and availability management. Our platform is very user friendlyand makes the management of your listings very simple. Feel free to upload your YouTube videos as all our listings facilitates the loading of videos.

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These features will help to boost the management of your bookings and lead to a better booking experience with your guests.

  • Travel Board

    Get access to our Travel Board. Find guests that are looking to travel.

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    We will send your payouts to any Jamaican local bank or PayPal in USD or JMD currency.

  • Calendar Management

    Our calendar sync capability reduces the possibility of double bookings. Sync your external calendars with us.

  • Instant Bookings

    Allow guests to get instant booking confirmations for your listings. Reduce the hassle of approving bookings.