The experience in Negril


Negril is a tourist paradise located on the coast of Western Jamaica. Known for its seven miles of white sandy beach and turquoise waters, Negril is the ideal destination for any vacation, whether you are looking to relax and soak up some sun or go wild on an adventure with friends and family. The Seven Mile Beach is lined with various attractions such as, resorts, restaurants, bars, water sports activities and craft markets, so it is guaranteed that you will have lots to do. 

In addition to all the water and land activities this destination offers, the beautiful scenery is simply breath- taking and the sunset at Negril is majestic so say the least. A portion of the beach called Long Bay, opens onto a lagoon surrounded by coral reefs and is a snorkelling and scuba-diving spot for adventure seekers. The iconic Seven-Mile Beach and its high cliffs makes Negril one of the most fascinating landscapes in Jamaica.